UK officials visit Singapore to learn practices to tackle scams

Singapore has also been actively involved in international platforms to call for greater collaboration in the global fight against scams and fraud. In March 2024, the city-state endorsed a joint communiqué with 10 other countries to signal a high-level commitment to tackle scams at the Global Fraud Summit.

SPF conducts nation-wide operation, investigate 309 scammers and money mules

The suspects are believed to be involved in more than 1,600 cases of scams, comprising mainly investment scams, internet love scams, job scams, friend impersonation scams, and e-commerce scams, where victims reportedly lost over SGD 9 million.

Online scam impersonates Indian cricket icon MS Dhoni, asks for USD 7 help for ‘Thala’

If this was not ‘convincing enough’, the scammer also shares a ‘selfie’ to prove that it is Dhoni himself. The image shared is of the former Chennai Super Kings skipper in the ‘outskirts’ of a town, matching the message shared.