Sarab says Make it Snappy: Prawn Mousseline on Sugarcane Skewers

The seventh episode of Sarab says Make it with Snappy brings the flavour of Vietnam to your platter.

Prawn Mousseline on Sugarcane Skewers –  a popular Vietnamese roadside snack – will surely leave your mouth watering for more.

Though this dish is grilled on charcoal, but Sarab’s snappy way is easier to make at home without any special arrangements.

Sarab Kapoor brings her effortless cooking style to every kitchen on Sarab says Make it Snappy, an international television series airing on Zee TV Asia Pacific.

Check out the video here:

Next week we will bring you what everyone loves, a nice wholesome cake. Also, there will be a young guest with an adventurous recipe.