Sarab says Make it Snappy: Paneer-Stuffed Pepper

The sixth episode of ‘Sarab says Make it with Snappy’ presents us with the recipe for‘Paneer-Stuffed Pepper with a Punchy Pickled Sauce’.

Sarab’s snappy way of making the dish could be tried anytime without many ingredients. Kajal Rewal, the guest on this episode, also tried her hands making Perfect Pizza Margherita with Chilli oil Drizzle.

Sarab brings her effortless cooking style to every kitchen on ‘Sarab says, Make it Snappy’, an international television series airing on Zee TV Asia Pacific.

Check out the video here:

Next week we will bring you the flavour of Vietnam and its roadside taste from Sarab Kapoor’s kitchen. Don’t miss the adventure.