Sarab says Make it Snappy: Lahori Kebabs with Spicy Plum Jam

The 12th episode of Sarab says Make it Snappy is for kebab lovers. Most of us have this misconception that making kebabs is very tedious, but Sarab shows us a snappy way of making Lahori Kebabs with Spicy Plum Jam.

Sarab says make it Snappy
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This final episode of Season 2 leaves us in a fix as we are all going to miss Sarab’s snappy recipes. Do try her easiest way of making kebabs shown in the video below, so that the next time you are craving kebabs, you know how easy it is to make them.

Sarab brought us her effortless cooking style through Sarab says Make it Snappy, an international television series airing on Zee TV Asia Pacific.