Sarab says Make it Snappy: Indian Classic Dum Paneer Biryani

The fifth episode of ‘Sarab says Make it with Snappy’ brings us an Indian classic dish called ‘Dum Paneer Biryani’.

Most of us think making biryani is a tough task, but Sarab has a snappy way of making an aromatic paneer biryani. It’s easy to make at home for family and friends without the need for many special ingredients.

Sarab brings her effortless cooking style to every kitchen on ‘Sarab says, Make it Snappy’, an international television series airing on Zee TV Asia Pacific.

Check out the video here:

Next week we will bring you some colourful sweet peppers with punchy pickle sauce, along with a guest on the show, from Sarab Kapoor’s kitchen. Watch out for more in this space!