Sarab says Make it Snappy: Beetroot and Amla cakes

The ninth episode of Sarab says Make it with Snappy surprises you with a dish made of two nutritious ingredients; ‘Beetroot and Amla cakes on a bed of Green Couscous’.

Sarab says Make it Snappy: Beetroot and Amla cakes
Sarab Kapoor. Photo courtesy: Facebook

The two main ingredients are high in antioxidants and vitamins which make your cooking healthy. Also, the sweet and sour nature of beetroot and amla respectively add a tangy flavour to your dish.

The process of creating the couscous bed is unbelievably simple to prepare.

Sarab brings her effortless cooking style to every kitchen on Sarab says, Make it Snappy, an international television series airing on Zee TV Asia Pacific.

Check out the video here:

Next week, Sarab will bring you the recipe of Cashew Rusted Fish with Baby Potato Salad. Deepty Nigam will be a guest on the show who will delight us with the recipe for Tricolour Delight.