Saluting the sacrifices: Akshay dedicates Kesari to world’s martyrs

In an exclusive chat with Connected To India, Akshay Kumar calls a Kesari a film about bravery, valour, strength, and courage. 

Akshay says his turban, which weighed 1.25kg, gave him some kind of magical power to bring out the best in him. He feels the pagdi has its own scientific reasons for one to feel strong and powerful with the way it is tied. 

Both Akshay and Parineeti agree that Kesari is a very important film for the younger generation to watch to learn about the historic battle. All set to become a memorable biopic, Kesari showcases one of the bravest battles ever fought where odds were against 21 Sikhs who were attacked by a group of over 10,000 Afghan invaders. Akshay Kumar who plays Havildar Ishar Singh, leader of the tiny group of soldiers looks very impressive in the highly anticipated movie. 

Do watch our interview with Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra: