Robot cleaners that can sing, rap and joke to be deployed in Singapore

Several companies in Singapore will be deploying robot cleaners in public spaces by next year. These robots will not just clean but also possess the ability to  sing, rap and even joke with passers-by who come in the way of their cleaning path. 

Photo courtesy: LionsBot
Photo courtesy: LionsBot

In a world first, Singapore company LionsBots will be offering the locally-produced robots on a subscription model. 

According to local media reports, six of LionBots’ cleaning partners are expected to deploy 300 of these robots by March 2020. 

The robots are created to be engaging, and are able to inform, entertain, and even exchange a simple conversation with humans. They can be activated via a QR code.

Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Trade and Industry Koh Poh Koon said at a launch event at Gardens by the Bay on July 16 that robotics technologies carry a huge potential in raising productivity. 

“The Singapore government will continue to support the deployment of robotics solutions across different industries,” he added.