Road tax discs will not be issued from Feb 15

In a major relief to Singaporeans, issuing of road tax discs will be discontinued from February 15. Motorists will no longer be required to display these discs on the windscreens of their vehicles.

Making this announcement, Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in a press release, “As announced in August last year, LTA will stop issuing physical road tax discs from February 15, 2017 as part of its efforts to streamline processes.”

Road tax discs will not be issued in Singapore from February 15.
Road tax discs will not be issued in Singapore from February 15. Photo courtesy: Torque

From February 15, motorists will only receive a road tax payment notice and no paper road tax disc will be issued, the agency said. They can also continue to check, as well as print out proof of the validity of their road tax, via the One.Motoring website.

LTA further stated, “Authorities in Malaysia have been informed that physical road tax discs will no longer be issued from the stated date and Singapore-registered vehicles will not be required to display the discs.”

However, it advised, "Nevertheless, those driving into Malaysia are advised to carry a printout of their vehicle’s road tax validity in their vehicles,"

“Motorists should also ensure that a valid motor insurance certificate is kept in their vehicles at all times.Using a vehicle without valid road tax is an offence and liable to a maximum fine of SGD 2,000”,  LTA said.