RedDot Bhangra raises SGD6,400 for migrant workers through virtual bhangra classes

RedDot Bhangra has raised SGD 6,400 in its online fundraising campaign ‘Bhangra With A Purpose’ (BWAP), surpassing its initial target of SGD 5,000 over a period of four weeks.

BWAP has become an annual mainstay feature on RedDot Bhangra's calendar, with members of the public coming forth and donating selflessly to the cause.

A large segment of them also participated in at least one of the four virtual bhangra sessions held online over Zoom. 

Over 60 participants attended the virtual dance sessions held over the course of four weeks from June 8 to July 5. They learned basic, intermediate and advanced bhangra steps with dance instructors who also represented the three major bhangra teams in Singapore.

“Bhangra was one of the things I missed most especially in the current constraints given the pandemic. The BWAP classes not only allowed me to revisit a dance form I really enjoy but also allowed me to get a good workout from the comfort of my home," said participant Nediva Singam.

"More importantly, the fact that this whole campaign was aimed at raising funds for the migrant workers that have helped to build up Singapore made it all the more meaningful. The committee really put together an engaging lineup of classes and I look forward to more of such initiatives in the future!” 

First piloted in 2018, the BWAP campaign aims to promote awareness and encourage involvement with bhangra in Singapore, while contributing to a good cause. These efforts have now raised almost SGD16,000 over the past three years. These donations were contributed to Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) – a non-profit organisation in Singapore dedicated to improving conditions for low-wage migrant workers – and Sunlove Home for the Intellectually Infirmed.

"We are thrilled to have RedDot Bhangra support TWC2 once again. This year, with the Covid-19 situation affecting migrant workers badly, TWC2 is grateful to have RedDot Bhangra doing what they do best to raise funds for this most vulnerable and neglected group in our society," said Ethan Guo, General Manager, TWC2.