Rajesh Vaidhya’s beautiful rendition of Malaysia’s national anthem goes viral

Veena exponent Rajhesh Vaidhya's rendition of Malaysia's national anthem – titled "Negaraku" – has gone viral. 

In a tweet, Malaysian broadcaster and political analyst Ramesh attached a 45-seconds clip of the maestro, who hails from Tamil Nadu, giving tune a classical Indian twist.

The post had taken social media by storm, having been retweeted over 1,300 times and liked 1,7000 times.

Born into a rich musical environment, Vaidhya inherited his indigenous talents from his father Sri.K.M. Vaidyanathan, a stalwart both in mridangam and ghatam. His tutelage under Carnatic veena maestro Shri Chitti Babu had Vaidhya picking up the finest nuances of veena. Currently, he is under tutelage by the living legend Sri.L.Shenkar.

According to media reports, this beautiful version of Negaraku was a collaboration between Vaidkhya and a company named Indah Atelier, which promotes batik by Malaysian artisans as a heritage product around the world. 

Vaidhya himself posted a tweet on the partnership, expressing that he was "very delighted to be a part of it."