Pug-up: Young Sikh Association Singapore!

In an era of increasing intolerance, this story must be told across the world. 

It is not only climate change where the young, and erstwhile called the just restless, are showing greater resolve to take matters into their own hands, religious intolerance too is on top of the agenda.  

A group of young sikhs in Singapore’s first reaction to a social media crisis, which erupted because of a local social media influencer’s attempt at humour by calling their pugs (turbans) “obstructions” to her view at the Singapore F-1 concert, was not an aggressive one. Instead, they conferred to reach out to her, to support her, assuming the negative pressure she must be enduring. 

What ensued was all-round positivity and a brilliant case study highlighting Singapore’s famous inter-racial harmony

Watch Sarabjeet Singh Masson, President of the Young Sikh Association (YSA) talk about the incident and their reaction to it, the YSA, and its community projects in Singapore and beyond.