Popular fashion influencer Surbhi Jain, 30, dies after long fight against cancer

Social media influencer Surbhi Jain dies
Social media influencer Surbhi Jain dies at 30. Photo Courtesy:  Surbhi Jain Instagram page

Popular fashion influencer Surbhi Jain, who was followed by over 50K followers on Instagram, died after her long battle against cancer, media reports said.

She was 30.

Eight weeks ago, Jain had shared her image from the hospital bed.

She wrote: “I know I haven’t updated you all about my health which feels wrong seeing the number of msgs I am getting about it everyday. But Things haven’t been keeping too well. So there isn’t much to share.”

“Past 2 months I have spent mostly in the hospital. There has been some complication because of which my food has also been stopped since past 1 month and I have a tube attached through my nose. So I am on continous IV. Treatment is going on, It’s difficult and I just want all this to end,” she said.

According to media reports, she died on Thursday and her last rites were performed in Ghaziabad on Friday.

This was the second time she was diagnosed with cancer.

After her first diagnosis, she underwent a surgery at the age of 27.

The social media influencer was fighting a battle against ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is a growth of cancerous cells that forms in the ovaries. The cells multiply quickly and can invade and destroy healthy body tissue, read the Mayo Clinic website