PM Modi’s 7 point guideline to victory in the COVID-19 battle

If we stay strong and disciplined we can even defeat a pandemic like this coronavirus very easily said Prime Minister in the first of his series of tweets detailing the 7 steps that he pleads his countrymen to follow. 

PM Modi said: With strong belief I seek your support in adhering to these seven steps:

First Step – Take special care of the elderly in your house. Especially for those with pre-existing  medical conditions, take extra care of them”. We have to keep our old folks safe from the coronavirus, he said. 

Second Step – Obey lockdown procedures, follow social distancing measures religiously and practice good hygiene.  Use masks, face covers or home made cloth masks without fail. 

The Prime Minister appeared with his face covered with his scarf at the beginning of his address to the nation, to drive home this point. 

Screengrab from PM Modi's address to the nation.
Screengrab from PM Modi's address to the nation.

Third Step – Improve and enhance your immunity by following the pointers and suggestions given by the Aayush Ministry.  

Drink hot water and herbal drinks frequently, he added. 

Fourth Step – Download and use the Aarogya setu app and urge others to do so too. 

“Aarogya Setu is an important step in our fight against COVID-19. By leveraging technology, it provides important information. As more and more people use it, it’s effectiveness will increase. I urge you all to download it”, PM Modi tweeted.  

PM Modi said its important that people take proper precautions. This is essential, he tweeted. 

Fifth Step – Help as many poor families and feed them too. 

Take care of the needy folks in your area as much as you possibly can, the PM urged.  

Sixth Step – Empathise with your employees

The PM asked businessmen to be compassionate towards their employees and to not retrench any of their workers during this time period. 

Seventh Step – Respect and honour the frontline warriors such as policemen and security providers, healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses and paramedics and essential service providers such as cleaners and maintenance workers.

The Prime Minister concluded that each one of us should follow these 7 steps with discipline and devotion until the end of the extended lockdown – which now is 3 May – we should be able to overcome the coronavirus threat. 

“Wherever you are, stay there, stay safe. Together we can keep the nation alive and alert to all threats,” he said.