Photo shoot captures picturesque scenes of Dubai

Cameramen have been trying to capture the alluring landscape and the beautiful buildings of Dubai. Now, Bentley Motors has captured the staggering landscape and the shots of the night sky in gorgeous gigapixel images of this dream city.

The captivating photograph of Dubai taken from 265 metres off the ground
The captivating photograph of Dubai taken from 265 metres off the ground. Photo courtesy: Bentley

Shot as part of a promotional portfolio for Bentley Motors’ Flying Spur W12S, viewers are able to zoom and pan around the images as they like.

A lot of effort was put in to capture such wonderful images – a camera was suspended 264 metres (866 ft) off the ground, where it was up against hazy 40°C (104°F) temperatures and 25 km/h (16 mph) winds.

The result was extraordinary. The finished image was made up of 57.7 billion carefully-stitched pixels, all of which were edited to make sure the light and color levels were perfectly matched across the whole image. The process involved 1,825 individual frames and 48 hours worth of editing, while the completed image took a staggering 18 hours to download.

A picturesque view of Dubai. Photo courtesy: Bentley

The level of detail on offer is extraordinary, to the point where you can tell what kind of plants people have on their balconies, and clearly make out ripples in the water of Dubai Marina.

Bentley said the technology used was actually developed by NASA to create panoramas out of images taken by Curiousity as it roams around Mars.

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