Peeping into amazing gadgets

Gadgets are helpful in making our lives easy and comfortable. Jellyfish aquarium can spruce your home décor. Try Skyfloat the first magnetic ceiling arm which can be helpful in watching movies or games on your mobile phones or tablets without worrying about neck pain. Ride a special cycle crafted from wood or make a fashion statement by wearing handcrafted wooden watch. For health conscious people, go for smart bottle Ecomo which not only tests the quality of water but also removes contaminants.

Jellyfish Aquarium

Jellyfish aquarium is a prized possession of your drawing room which can show a maximum of 6,40,000 shades of colour. Photo courtesy :

You can recreate the entire ocean in your drawing room by bringing an amazing Jellyfish aquarium. The aquatic creatures can glow in incredible 6,40,000  colours as you switch the LEDs. This aquarium has been constructed from good quality acrylic materials.

SkyFloat – The First Magnetic Ceiling Arm

You can float your devices including phone or tablet with the help of Skyfloat. Photo courtesy:

You can no longer strain your neck by looking down at your phone or tablet. SkyFloat has come to the rescue as it is the world’s first adjustable ceiling arm which can be used anywhere. Simply attach the arm to the ceiling and start seeing your favourite film or watch your favourite game. You can adjust the height and view angle  according to your choice and enjoy!

Ecomo – The World’s First Bottle That Tests and Filters Water

World's first bottle that tests and even removes contaminants from water. Photo courtesy :

Smart bottle Ecomo has come in the market which not only tests the quality of water but also remove contaminants. Fill the bottle with water from any source including home faucet, river or anywhere else. Simply, shake the bottle and the LED display on the bottle reveals the quality of water. There is also inbuilt 3-in-1 filtration system which filters water by removing all contaminants including pesticides, petroleum products, bacteria and heavy metals.

Cycle crafted of wood

A beautiful cycle crafted from wood. Photo courtesy

This cycle has been crafted from wood and you can become the cynosure of all eyes if your ride it on the road. This is an example of exclusive woodworking and carpentry firm Grainworks Wood Art and is available in three finishes of cherry, walnut and baltic green.

Cardio Music Fitness Tracker

This Cardio Music Fitness Tracker can track your steps, heart rate, calories and other details while you enjoy your favourite songs during work out. Photo courtesy :

You can enjoy music while performing the work out as Cardio Music Fitness Tracker can keep a record of your steps, heart rate, calories, distance, speed and other details. The device even keeps track of your workout performance as well as the quality and duration of your sleep.

Handcrafted Wood Watch

A perfect handmade wooden watch to adorn your hand. Photo courtesy:

Want to make a fashion statement with some innovative products. Then, try for a Troy watch specially crafted from wood! This wood-based watch features an unexpected look inside; it’s the first wooden watch on Kickstarter to possess a fully visible mechanical skeleton with automatic movement. From the ship to your wrist, both Troy’s case and strap are made entirely of beautiful, solid Oak or Walnut shipwood.

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