‘Peaceful Warrior’ Maz Jobrani believes in the power of laughter

For renowned Iranian-American comedian and actor Maz Jobrani, impersonation wasn’t his forte. 

But as it were, his imitation of his own Indian father-in-law’s voice and accent was accurate to a tee. 

“He actually likes it when I talk about him,” Jobrani shared in an interview with Connected to India. “When he’s at the show and I imitate him, he loves it. He’s like, ‘Hey, he’s talking about me!’” 

Race and the misunderstanding of Middle Easterners in the United States are also common themes in Jobrani’s shows. 

With US-Iran tensions intensifying in recent months, the Tehran-born Jobrani stands firm as an advocate of peace and diplomacy. 

He believes in the power of laughter in effecting positive change and Jobrani addresses sensitive and controversial issues with a touch of humour through his stand-up comedy routines. 

Ahead of his first ever show in Singapore, Jobrani spoke to Connected to India in a freewheeling exclusive chat: