PCF pre-school to provide enrichment programmes for arts and sports

To help develop children's interests and passions, the PAP Community Foundation (PCF) will be going beyond the curricular norms to provide enrichment programmes in areas like arts and sports. These include speech, drama, aikido, table tennis, gymnastics and painting, according to a report by Todayonline.

At the PCF Family Day held at National Gallery yesterday (August 27), some 10,000 staff, pupils and families had a taste of what is to come – artworks by PCF Sparkletots children were showcased.

“Today’s event here will give you a taste of the kind of things which we’re encouraging kids to do, which are beyond (their) normal strict curriculum (and) which you’ll find fun and enriching and will expand your minds and your horizons,” said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who attended the annual event.

Photo courtesy: Betty Chua (LHL FB page)
Photo courtesy: Betty Chua (LHL FB page)

“So parents can be assured that, at PCF, their kids well be well looked after and can learn from a wide variety of programmes,” he added. 

PM Lee emphasised that the government was making big investments in the pre-school sector, as announced at the National Day Rally. The aim is to ensure that there are good, affordable pre-schools for all Singaporean children.

“(This is) so that everybody has a chance to … get the stimulation, enrichment, education (and) socialisation to make friends, to learn things to explore the world and to start well in life,” he said. “So that whether you’re going on to Primary 1 or, whether later on, going on beyond school to work or when you bring up your own family, you have a good foundation, and you have a full chance to participate in Singapore, to contribute to Singapore and to enjoy what there is in Singapore.”

PCF chief executive officer Victor Bay said it was committed to “making a difference in the lives of those around us, whether through welfare programmes or financial support," Todayonline reported. Bay also added that through these initiatives, PCF hopes to "build a strong community spirit which can encourage our children to grow into compassionate and responsible adults.”