Parasurama: Between duty and righteousness

Parasurama, the valiant warrior sage, is the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu.

He is an embodiment of immense anger, rage and violence. But he was also a man of principles who stood by his beliefs, despite facing some of the toughest decisions any mortal could make.

In collaboration with Avant Theatre, Esplanade will be bringing 'Parasu: The Story of an Ultimate Warrior' to Kalaa Utsavam 2018. 

Playwright Elavazhagan Murugan said, "Among the production team, some of the questions we explored include whether anger is a necessary emotion in the first place, and how do we control anger?" 

Want to know the answers they developed to these questions, packed into a spellbinding performance? Get your tickets to the show now – Friday and Saturday, November 16  and 17, 2018. 

"We promise that you will fall in love with the language again, and again, and again," Murugan added. 

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