Open AI to open its GPT Store next week: Reports

Tech major Open AI is expected to launch its highly-anticipated GPT Store next week.

Open AI is expected to launch its GPT Store next week. Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

GPT Store, where users can sell and share customized AI agents based on OpenAI’s large language models, will officially launch next week, OpenAI said in an email to people signed on as GPT Builders, reported The Verge.

According to reports, the e-mail also directed people to double-check whether their GPT creations meet brand guidelines and reminded them to make their GPTs public.

OpenAI first announced at its November developers conference that it would let other people build AI agents, called GPTs, using its GPT-4 large language model, The Verge reported.

It’s only available to ChatGPT Plus and enterprise subscribers and lets people create customized versions of ChatGPT-style chatbots, ranging from one explaining Gen Z memes to one that guides people through negotiations, the technology-based news portal reported.

The tech major was earlier planning to launch it in November.

The Rundown AI founder Rowan Cheung posted on X: “The app store of AI is coming. OpenAI just announced the GPT Store is coming next week, and it’s a massive opportunity for early adopters. Here’s a simple 4-step tutorial on how to make a GPT now to profit from this next wave.”