NTU partners Flywire on new digital payment platform for international students

Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has partnered with vertical payments specialist Flywire to offer a new digital payment platform for international students. 

The collaboration is part of NTU's digital transformation efforts aimed at streamlining processes and enhancing operational efficiency by adopting innovative solutions.

With the fully integrated digital payment solution, international students at NTU will be able to enjoy a more secure and seamless online payment experience from almost anywhere in the world. 

Photo courtesy: NTU
Photo courtesy: NTU

Students and their parents can simply choose their preferred payment method – bank transfer, credit card or e-wallet, in their local currency – minimising unnecessary bank charges and delays. The payments will also be translated at competitive exchange rates, NTU said in a statement. 

Users will also have access to multilingual customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with multiple channels of communication.

“The adoption of Flywire, our latest digital initiative, is a winning combination which not only enhances our international students’ journey and experience through seamless and cost effective payments from anywhere in the world, it also improves the efficiency and productivity of NTU’s operations,” said Tan Aik Na, NTU’s Senior Vice President (Administration).

Commenting on the new initiative, Andrew Ong, managing director for Flywire Asia-Pacific, added, "NTU works closely with their stakeholders – industry, students, parents and government – to enable a safe, world-class education on their campus and online for its students. Flywire is supporting this effort by enabling convenient, contactless digital payments wherever students and parents may be located in the world, while also ensuring seamless receivables management for the university.”