New Mandai attractions to boost employment, to draw 10m visitors

By 2023, the new mega-attractions at Mandai are expected to attract 10 million visitors a year and boost the job market by creating more work opportunities.

Mandai Park Holdings
There will also be interesting career opportunities for those interested in conservation. Photo courtesy: Mandai Park Holdings

The approved project master plan was revealed to guests at the event graced by, S Iswaran, Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry), who said that renovated Mandai precinct will be able to attract more tourist. The four current wildlife parks operated by Wildlife Reserves Singapore – Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari and the Jurong Bird Park draw around 4.6 million visitors each year.

"The park will attract those who are interested in eco-friendly experiences that complement an urban lifestyle. There will also be interesting career opportunities for those interested in conservation, research and hospitality," he further added.

"Reviews and discussions on Mandai's rejuvenation have been going on for several years with various stakeholders. With the necessary government approvals now obtained, we are delighted to mark this milestone with our partners today," said S Dhanabalan, Chairman of Mandai Park Holdings.

The area that currently has Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari will also house the relocated Bird Park and a new Rainforest Park, as well as a nature-themed indoor attraction and eco-sensitive lodging.

"We plan to offer highly differentiated experiences at each of our five wildlife parks, augmented by indoor displays and a variety of food and beverage offerings. With the attractive public spaces and more opportunities to stay overnight, we hope to encourage families and groups of friends to spend more time enjoying and appreciating Mandai's extraordinary wildlife offerings," said Mike Barclay, CEO of MPH.

Interactive education programmes, including bird presentations and feeding programmes, will add to the entire avian experience. Over at the Rainforest Park, a vertical stratification of experiences will enable visitors to appreciate the sights and sounds of the Southeast Asian Rainforest across multiple tiers – from a cavern below ground, on boardwalks at ground level, and up ramps to aerial walkways that will go as high as the top of the tree canopy.

Development will be completed in phases, with the Bird Park and Rainforest Park scheduled to open by 2020 and 2021 respectively.