New Jersey to host FIFA World Cup 2026 final

New Jersey to host FIFA World Cup final
New Jersey to host FIFA World Cup final. Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/4.0 International

New Jersey will host the final match of the 2026 World Cup which will witness 48 teams competing to capture the top glory.

The final match will be played on July 19.

The opening match of the iconic sporting tournament, which was last hosted by Qatar, will be played in Mexico.

The match will be played at the iconic Estadio Azteca Mexico City on June 11.

Like Mexico, the national teams of Canada and the United States will each play their three group-stage matches on home soil.

Canada will kick off their campaign in Toronto on Friday, 12 June 2026, while the United States will begin their journey on the same day in Los Angeles.  

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said: “The most inclusive and impactful FIFA World Cup ever is no longer a dream but a reality that will take shape in the form of 104 matches in 16 state-of-the-art stadiums across Canada, Mexico and the USA. From the opening match at the iconic Estadio Azteca to the spectacular final in New York New Jersey players and fans have been at the core of our extensive planning for this game-changing tournament.”

“I would like to thank our three host countries and 16 Host Cities for the unwavering commitment to staging a FIFA World Cup that will not only set new records but also leave an indelible legacy.”