Life beyond Swimming: New Aqua Sports you should try in Singapore

Have you ever worked out in the water?  You should try now if you haven't. Singapore may be a small island but there is a world of possibilities to be tried out in aqua sports that spell a combination of fitness routines and fun. Now you can say bye to the old-world gym perhaps. Here is a basic guide to aquaspin classes, aqua-fitness, water aerobics and even water running. And then there is Zumba.

People enjoying Aquafit

Aqua Fit @ Club Insignia

Aqua Fit is a non-impact, aerobic resistance workout in a swimming pool, where the waters provide resistance. The workouts can range from low to high intensity, and are open to all fitness levels, to swimmers and non-swimmers alike. Club Insignia's Aqua Fit lessons are 45 minutes each, and are on every Wednesday. This aqua-workout is great for physical rehabilitation in general. Even pregnant ladies, elderly folks and those affected by arthritis are invited.

People enjoying Aquaspin


Did you know that the average calorie burn per session of aquaspin is 800kcal? That is three times more than a regular land-based exercise! Aquaspin is essentially cycling underwater, and each workout is tailored as a full body workout, incorporating a variety of positions and speeds. Aquaspin has also been clinically proven as an effective way to eliminate cellulite, enhance blood circulation and improve cardiovascular endurance. They offer five aqua workout variants: Aqua Endure, Aqua HIIT, Aqua Prenatal, Aqua Soothe and Aqua Bootcamp. Pick one that suits you best.

Aqua Fit @ Fitness First

At a select few branches, Fitness First offers Aqua Fit, a pool-based exercise that improves cardio fitness and muscle tone. As it is a low impact activity, it is also considered safe for pregnant women. There are also other water workout variants available at this gym.

Aqua Gym

The idea with Aqua Gym is to work the entire body with different movements in the water. Working out in the water is said to enhance your body figure and work your muscles to make them firm and strong. Working out in the waters provides you with natural resistance, helps you in avoiding injuries, and keeps you feeling cool, say Aqua Gym experts. AquaFitness and Aqua Gym classes are offered on a weekly basis every Thursday and Friday, at various times and locations. You can also organize a new class at your condo, at your convenience. Home-delivered water sport? Sounds good, right?


AquaBiking, AquaRunning, AquaCircuit & Aqua Pole Dance @ Be Aqua

Be Aqua is the first in Southeast Asia to offer fitness equipment in water, as well as offering flexible and customized workouts for individuals and professionals. They offer AquaBiking, AquaRunning, AquaCircuit, and even Aqua Pole Dance classes!
AquaBiking combines the benefits of cycling and the positive effects of exercising in water by using the Hydrorider AquaBike in the pool. AquaRunning gives you the benefits of running but eliminates the shock-impact of on-land exercise, while burning more fat and toning your muscles even more. AquaCircuit combines water resistance techniques and different aqua fitness equipment to tone up the entire body and improve cardio speed, strength and flexibility.

Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Tabata & Aqua Zumba @ Sports Hub

Aqua Aerobics is an hour-long water aerobics class done in shallow water, where the water helps to cushion joints from impact. Aqua Tabata is a specific format of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which is beneficial for weight loss as the burning of calories continues even after training. Aqua Zumba is a dance and aerobics exercise done with aquatic moves, kind of like a pool party workout. Several classes are available for sign-up, and classes are held at the Sports Hub Aquatic Centre.

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