“My trilogy is the world tour of fascism” – Madhav Mathur

Madhav Mathur is a Delhi boy in Singapore. Engineer by education, writer and filmmaker by passion. Rights of his first book, The Diary of an Unreasonable Man, were bought by the inimitable Anurag Kashyap back in 2009 to be made into a film.

It’s been eight years and the film is not made “yet”. Madhav does not rue it and continues to look ahead; to a life of doing his favourite things. We put the young writer and filmmaker on ‘Spotlight’.

Part I – Anurag Kashyap bought rights of my first book

Part II – We were engineer film makers

Part III – Dvarca is based on a future fascist India

Dvarca can be bought on Amazon: http://www.amazon.in/DVARCA-Madhav-Mathur/dp/8175993855