Most Indians prefer to live in Abu Dhabi, Singapore comes in third: Survey

Abu Dhabi has emerged at the top of the list of cities Indians would prefer to stay in, according to a survey.

Given an opportunity, Indians would love to live in Abu Dhabi, followed by Mumbai, Singapore, Delhi, London, Paris, Sydney, New York, Zurich, and Los Angeles, revealed the study conducted by Ipsos.

The city of Abu Dhabi is the most preferred city for Indians.
The city of Abu Dhabi is the most preferred city for Indians. Photo courtesy: Youtube

About 25 per cent of Indians in the survey have a liking for Abu Dhabi as the top place to live in. The commercial city of Mumbai is in second spot as 24 per cent Indians want to live here, followed by Singapore. Delhi comes in fourth place in the list as 19 per cent of people want to live here. 17 per cent of Indians want to live in London and Paris. About 14 per cent have a preference for Sydney while 13 per cent opted for New York.  

In a statement, Amit Adarkar, Ipsos India CEO, said, “Indians love their very own commercial capitals Mumbai and Delhi, and would love to stay in either of the mega cities of India due to abundant career opportunities, quality of life and entertainment options.”

In the global survey, people in 26 countries worldwide were asked which, from a list of 60 global cities, they felt was best to live in, do business in, and visit. The scores from the three questions were then added together to create the Ipsos Cities Index.

In a statement, Ipsos said, “Globally, we see the power of the New York brand with its appeal to people across the world, young and old. But the rise of Abu Dhabi and the weakness of Sydney among younger people remind us that no city can afford to rest on its laurels,” he said.

This year witnessed Abu Dhabi leapfrogging London and Paris to the second position, with Tokyo, Sydney and Zurich on the same score in equal fifth, the survey said. New York is the most popular city to do business in, with 23 per cent of the global sample selecting it from the list.