Most expensive international schools found in Asia, cheapest in Africa and Middle East: Report

In a new report by the International Schools Database, it was revealed that the most expensive schools worldwide can be found in Asia, particularly in China. 

Beijing and Shanghai have the second and third most expensive maximum prices on the planet at SGD 56,551 and SGD 53,086 per year. 

Photo courtesy: unsplash
Photo courtesy: unsplash

Meanwhile, Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe take the first spot at SGD 66,369 per year. Only one Asian city – Cambodia’s Phnom Penh – offers prices for under SGD 2,732 per year. 

Singapore takes the ninth spot, with international education prices up to SGD 51,734. The cheapest price for international education in Singapore is approximately SGD 6,000 for a 6 year old student, at the Singapore Korean International School. 

In stark contrast, Africa offers some of the cheapest minimum prices in the world for international education. Four out of the 10 cheapest cities in research by International Schools Database are African. Uganda’s capital Kampala is home to the least expensive price worldwide, at just SGD 714 per year.

The Middle East has five cities in the cheapest top 10: Manama at SGD 1,370 per year, Kuwait City at SGD 1,695, Doha at SGD 1,708, Riyadh at SGD 2,288, and Dubai at SGD 3,166.