More Singaporean men getting facelifts for advancing career prospects

In a new trend, more Singaporean men are now turning to aesthetic and cosmetic treatments for getting a facelift to boost their careers. They are opting for the ‘alpha male look’.

There has been a rise in men flocking to the cosmetic treatment centres. Men now form about a fifth of Ageless Medical Centre’s clientele, a proportion that has doubled over the last five years. Moreover, 15 per cent of the patients at See Aesthetics and Medical Clinic are male.

More Singaporean men are getting facelifts for advancing their career prospects.
More Singaporean men are getting facelifts for advancing their career prospects. Photo courtesy: herworldplus

The popular procedures to enhance looks include fillers for a more defined nose and jawline, liposuction to fix a double chin, and botulinum toxin and collagen injections to fill out wrinkles.

Interestingly, most popular treatments favoured by men in Singapore are those which play up the “alpha male” look of strong, defined facial features.

Dr See of See Aesthetics and Medical Clinic said, “Compared to Caucasian men, Asian men generally have less prominent facial features, such as wider and more rounded faces, higher eyebrows, lower nose bridges, more receded chins and less angular jawlines.”

“The type of enhancements men typically ask for amount to the same thing: A stronger chin and jawline, and a more defined nose — those are what give the man a more masculine look,” said Dr Martin Huang, director of MH Plastic Surgery.

The procedures offered include hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, which can give the look of a stronger nose. Excess fat from a double chin can also be surgically removed via advanced liposuction techniques or a non-invasive method using a fat-freezing technique for a stronger, more defined chin.

Doctors said their male patients get facelifts to enhance their looks as well as give their ego and confidence a boost.

“The reasons men decide to have something done (to their faces) are similar to why women do them — such as to improve self-image and boost self-confidence.” said Dr Huang.

“However, men probably feel more pressure than women to look their best in the workplace, especially as they get older and start worrying about job competition from younger and better-looking men,” added Dr Huang.