More consumers using digital assistants despite security concerns

Digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are gaining popularity worldwide, with 28 percent of the global consumers owning one. This is a 47 percent increase from last year.

According to the “State of Digital Lifestyles” research report by Limelight Networks, consumers around the world overwhelmingly (80 percent) agree that technology has positively impacted their lives. 

Photo courtesy: unsplash
Photo courtesy: unsplash

Digital technology had the biggest positive impact in India according to the report, where 94 percent say it has brought about an improvement in daily living.

However, consumers also expressed security concerns with nearly half (46 percent) saying that they are more worried about personal information being stolen online than a year ago. For digital assistants, 47 percent of global consumers expressed concerns about data privacy.

Meanwhile, frustrations with digital content remain, but consumers are hopeful for improvements with 5G. The vast majority (86 percent) of worldwide consumers expressed frustrations with accessing digital content online. Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) expect 5G networking to bring faster download speeds. 

“With the rapid growth of online content and new devices available to access it, digital media is playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives,” said Michael Milligan, Senior Director at Limelight Networks. “To increase customer loyalty and maximise revenue opportunities, digital content providers and device manufacturers must ensure their content distribution platforms and devices utilise a secure infrastructure that safeguards customer data while delivering a consistently fast and reliable user experience.”