Mohammed Saifuddin Sami elected as president of Karnataka NRI Forum, Jeddah

Mohammad Saifuddin Sami has been elected as the president of Karnataka Non-Resident Indian Forum (KNRI), Jeddah, during the 10th annual general meeting in Saudi Arabia. A new executive committee has also been elected on the occasion.

Sami expressed his happiness and gratitude on being elected as the president of the forum and thanked all the members for showing confidence in him. He assured that he will do his best to take the KNRI forum, Jeddah to a higher level and maintain its dignity.

Tenth annual general meeting of Karnataka Non-Resident Indian Forum (KNRI), Jeddah being taking place at Saudi Arabia.
Tenth annual general meeting of Karnataka Non-Resident Indian Forum (KNRI), Jeddah being taking place at Saudi Arabia. Photo courtesy: daijiworld

General secretary Yashwant Amin presented the annual report of the forum. He informed about the ‘toilet project’ being undertaken at several places back home in Karnataka and the immense support of the public. Work being done in the field of education, medical and labour was also highlighted. He also presented the financial report and highlighted the receipts and payments, income and expenditures details for the year 2016-17.

Two members of the committee, Mohammed Ilyas Momin and Dr Ashfaque Maniyar, conducted the election to elect the new executive committee.

The new team comprises Mohammed Saifuddin Sami, president; Syed Nasir Khursheed, vice-president (membership); Dadapeer Hayath, vice-president, (admin); Yashwanth Amin, general secretary; Aijaz Ahmed, treasurer; Sayed Kowsain Pasha, joint treasurer; Shaikh Saoud, joint secretary; Altaf AlMelker, meeting coordinator; Sabu Chandran, sports secretary; Rajesh Kumar, joint sports secretary; Mohammed Kaleem, cultural secretary; Mehboob Ali, joint cultural secretary; Mohammed Salem Khaleefa, press secretary; Dr Firoz Mulla, Faizee Razak Sheikh, Jalal Baig as membership coordinator; Suresh Babu, IT coordinator , and Tanveer Ahmed, assistant, IT coordinator.

The new executive committee members are Roshan Rodrigues, Mukarram Khan, Mohammed Saheb, Habeeb Rahaman, Krish Jangal, Mohammed Mansoor, Mohammed Ilyas Momin, Dr Ashfaque Maniyar, Mohammed Arifulla, MR Shareef, Mohammed Asif Momin, Nazir Ahmed, Peter Mascarenhas and Manzour Ahmed.

Sabu Chandran delivered the vote of thanks in which he expressed his appreciation towards all the members for attending the event and making it successful.