Microsoft: Company gearing up to launch AI-enabled Surface laptops

Software major Microsoft is gearing up to upgrade its Surface Laptop lineup with new AI-enabled features, media reports said.

Microsoft likely to launch AI-enabled Surface laptops. Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

Microsoft is working on significant updates to its Surface Pro and Surface Laptop lines, which sources told Windows Central will feature significant upgrades with improved designs, new features, and next-gen silicon in the form of Intel 14th-Gen and Qualcomm X Series chips.

The laptop is expected to be announced in Spring.

According to reports, the device will be marketed as Microsoft’s first true next-gen AI PCs.

For the first time, both Surface Pro and Surface Laptop will be available in Intel and Arm flavours, and both will have next-gen NPU (neural processing unit) silicon.

Sources told Windows Central that Arm variants, which I understand will be powered by a custom version of Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon X Series chips.