Mesmerising autumn season attracts tourists in Kashmir

The mesmerising autumn season has yet again become a major tourist attraction in Kashmir. Tourists from various parts of India visit the valley during the time of year when one finds a colourful combination of sceneries and the landscapes look amazing.

Immediately before the first snowflake of the season, the air inn the valley is crisp and cool, the leaves are beginning to fall, and the valley are turning into a beautiful fiery orange. Every autumn, Kashmir transforms into a fairyland. 

Tourists walk amongst the fallen red and golden chinar leaves during the fall season, locally known as Harud. More than 25 lakh tourists have reportedly visited Kashmir so far, which is the highest in the last 75 years. 

Tourists and locals enjoy the fallen red and golden chinar leaves during the season. 

The beautiful atmosphere of the valley is enhanced by the coolness in the air, mild sunshine throughout the day, cold mornings and evenings, and burning poplar trees all around during this period.

Mughal Gardens are the first choice destinnation for tourists during this season as they are lined with Chinar trees.

Kashmir is known and recognised all over the world because of its changing seasons, be it winter or summer, spring or autumn. The weather in every season here has a different feel and visual appeal.

However, walking among the fallen Chinar leaves in the autumn season is a different experience for tourists.