Melanoma diagnosis: Teddi Mellencamp starts immunotherapy

Actress Teddi Mellencamp, 42, has begun a new treatment plan after her melanoma diagnosis recently.

Actress Teddi Mellencamp shares an update on her melanoma condition. Photo Courtesy: Teddi Mellencamp Instagram page

In an Instagram post, the actress said she is using immunotherapy cream as a part of her treatment plan.

She shared an image of herself and updated about her health condition to ensure her fans also take care of their health.

Giving an update about her health condition, she wrote: "Another update I didn’t want to give but in an effort to be fully transparent and help others, here goes… I received the call yesterday from my doctor that not all the margins are clear after my last wide excision surgery. Because the area is so broad they no longer feel comfortable cutting."

"They said I can wait a week so I can show at nationals but upon my return I will start on a 5-week immunotherapy cream," she said.

"Side effects include: fatigue, inflammation, blisters and some pain but ya know what, it’s better than the alternative," she said.

She also asked people to stay vigilant.

"Stay vigilant on getting your skin checked my friends. We can fight this," the actor said.

The actor is best known for appearing as a main cast member in three seasons of Bravo's reality series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2017–2020).