Meet Iris, India’s first AI-enabled robot teacher introduced in Kerala school

India's first AI-enabled robot teacher was introduced in a Kerala school.
 India’s first AI-enabled robot teacher was introduced in a Kerala school. Photo Courtesy:  makerlabs_official Instagram page

India’s first generative AI-enabled robot teacher was introduced at a school in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram recently.

Named Iris, the robot, which could be seen wearing a saree (an attire worn by women in the subcontinent), has been created by Maker Labs.

“The AI Teacher Robot is an innovative voice assistant designed to aid in educational settings and DIY learning environments. Powered by the possibilities Robotics and Generative AI technologies, this robot serves as a versatile teaching tool with interactive capabilities,” read the website of the company.

“Equipped with a dedicated Intel processor and a coprocessor for manoeuvring tasks, the robot offers seamless performance and responsiveness,” the company said.

With its Android App interface, the company said users can easily control and interact with the robot for a ‘personalized learning experience’.

The company shared images of the robot teacher interacting with the students in school on its Instagram page.

Sharing the images, the company wrote: “Exciting news from Makerlabs! Today, we revealed India’s first AI teacher Robot using Generative AI at KTCT Group of Schools, Trivandrum. Grateful for the opportunity to meet Dr. K Rajeev, Director of Space Physics Laboratory, VSSC Trivandrum.”

The robot teacher was launched in Kerala’s KTCT Higher Secondary School b Dr K Rajeev, Director of the Space Physics Laboratory (SPL) of VSSC.