Mayhem as military horses bolt through London streets; Four injured

At least four people were injured in the UK as five military horses ran through London on Wednesday. As per reports, the horses belonged to Household Cavalry. They “were spooked by noise from a building site near Buckingham Palace this morning, unseating their riders and running through London”, the BBC quoted an Army spokesman.

2 of the 5 cavalry horses that ran through London streets on April 24. Photo: Screengrab from YouTube
Two of the five military horses that ran through London streets on April 24. Photo: Screengrab from YouTube

The horses were recovered later, but not before they caused chaos, leaving four people injured and vehicles smashed. Meanwhile, four soldiers were thrown from their saddles as the horses ran loose through the capital city.

The equines were spotted in several places in the city. As per the BBC, a rider was thrown and hurt as a horse collided with a vehicle in Buckingham Palace Road. A video showed two horses, a black and another white, bolting down the road. The white horse was covered in blood. A cyclist fortunately manages to avoid getting hit by one of the speeding horses.

Blood was also found on the pavement where one of the horses was retrieved, reports said. Bystanders also tended to the injured animal.

As per the latest statement from London Ambulance Service, multiple resources, including ambulance crews, paramedics in response cars, and an incident response officer, were sent to three scenes after they received multiple distress calls.

The horses are also being assessed by a vet.

The cavalry horses are taller in size and have to measure at least 168cm in order to be listed. Moreover, strength plays an important role in the selection as well, as a horse has to carry a soldier and equipment. Once selected, these horses goes through training for several months. They are also ridden on the streets to acclimatise them to heavy traffic and noises, including gun salutes and military bands.