Man arrested after he was caught on camera robbing 50 iPhones from Apple store in California

Man robs 50 iPhone from California store.
A man was caught on camera stealing iPhone from a store in California. Photo Courtesy: Screen grab from X

A video has gone viral on social media where a man was seen robbing 50 iPhones, valued at USD 49,230, from a store in California city in the USA.

The man, who is seen in the video wearing an all-black outfit, ripped the devices from the display and placed them in his pocket.

 Emeryville Police Department said three people have been arrested in connection with the incident.

“The individual depicted in the video from the Emeryville Apple Store was one of the individuals arrested last night,” police said in a statement.

Suspect identified

He was identified as 22-year-old Berkeley resident Tyler Mims.

“Mims was arrested for his involvement in several of the prior Apple Store thefts.  He was booked into jail on (3) counts of 182PC (Conspiracy to commit a crime), (3) counts of 459PC (Burglary), (3) counts of 487PC (Grand Theft), and (3) counts of 490.4PC (Organized retail theft),” police said.

The police department, however, clarified the police vehicle seen in the video was not occupied and no cop was present in it.

In the video of the robbing incident, which went viral on the social media, the arrested person was seen walking past a police vehicle after leaving the store and then rushing towards a black car.

Since January 19th, 2024, the Emeryville Police Department responded to four reported grand thefts from the Apple Store in Emeryville.

Video went viral on social media

The video garnered more than 10 million views on TikTok and X, in total, as of Thursday morning, reported New York Post.