Mamta Kulkarni escaped to Dubai as DEA arrested Vicky Goswami in ephedrine supply racket

Bollywood star of yesteryears Mamta Kulkarni might have escaped to Dubai soon after her husband and alleged druglord Vicky Goswami was arrested by the US’s Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) from Kenya this year. Indian security officials also believe that she might have fled Dubai as well.

The actress, along with her husband, are wanted by Indian law enforcement agencies for involvement in an alleged INR20 billion (USD311.65 million) international ephedrine supply racket. A case has been registered against the duo at a police station in the Indian city of Thane. A special Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act court recently declared Kulkarni and Goswami proclaimed offenders and ordered the attachment of their properties.

Former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni
Former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni. Photo courtesy: Twitter

Speaking about the DEA operations, a Thane police officer revealed to an India-based newspaper, “The DEA laid a trap to arrest Goswami from Kenya. Mamta Kulkarni as well as three other accomplices were also present at the spot. But while the agency took Goswami and the other three into their custody, they did not apprehend Kulkarni. After Goswami’s arrest, she fled to Dubai.”

The investigators also believe that Kulkarni was no longer in Dubai and might have fled  the UAE.

The official also told the newspaper that it is also highly unlikely that DEA would let Indian agencies get custody of Goswami in the near future. He said, “Goswami is wanted by the Thane police. However, he is currently in the custody of the DEA and is charged with an offence that attracts a minimum punishment of 20 years. In this scenario, it looks highly unlikely he would be brought to book by Indian agencies.”

Thane crime branch had raided Solapur-based company Avon Lifesciences and seized around 18.5 tonnes of ephedrine worth INR20 billion (USD311.65 million) in the international market. The police probe had revealed the seized substance was to be used to make methamphetamine, a party drug, and was being diverted to a Kenya-based drug cartel headed by Goswami.