Malaysian convention celebrates outstanding Indian wedding photographers and videographers

Held at The Everly Putrajaya on July 20, the fifth edition of the Malaysian Indian Wedding Photography & Videography (MIWPV) Awards celebrated the crème de la crème of the industry. 

The awards ceremony recognised the hard work and commitment of photographers and videographers who have turned their passion into a professional career. 

Photo courtesy: MIWPV Convention
Photo courtesy: MIWPV Convention

This year the competition attracted over 1,000 entries. MIWPV Convention co-founder Kamalesan Kamalakaran said although the selection process was tough, the competition had brought out a number of outstanding hidden talents. 

“We received a record number of entries from the Malaysian Photography and Videography fraternity for the awards this year. The MIWPV Convention is honoured to be the platform of choice for the growth of their respective brands,” he said. 

The winner of the coveted MIWPV Photographer of the Year 2019 award for the second consecutive year was Avinder Singh, who has shot close to 70 weddings to date. 

Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, the 29-year-old said the win was truly a humbling recognition. His background is in multimedia design, but he realised his true calling for wedding photography while interning as a graphic designer. “In college, my lecturers saw my talent and encouraged me to hone it by taking photos at college events. The first thing I did after graduating was to purchase my very first DSLR,” he said. 

Meanwhile, the MIWPV Videographer of the Year award was won by Logan Raj. “I’ve always believed in creating videos that record the best moments of the day,” he said, adding that industry players must think out of the box and constantly discover new ways to create innovative content. 

Commenting on the small circle of wedding videographers in Malaysia, he added, “We must all learn to be healthy competition with each other and learn a thing or two from emerging players who are doing something new every day.”