Luck smiles on Indian expat as he wins USD1 million in Dubai Duty Free promotion

Luck has smiled on an Indian expatriate as he won USD1 million (AED36,73,000) in the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire promotion recently, announced Dubai Duty Free (DDF).

The Dubai-based Indian national, Archibald Rodrigues, became richer by USD1 million but he did not know about winning the big sum of money as he had already left UAE.

Dubai Duty Free
The latest Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw being conducted by Dubai Duty Free officials headed by Colm McLoughlin – Executive Vice Chairman and CEO, Bernard Creed – Senior Vice President – Finance and Sean Staunton – Senior Vice President – Retail Sales. Photo courtesy: Dubai Duty Free

DDF said, “Rodrigues, who bought his ticket online, is currently out of the country, and will be greatly surprised when he finds out of his newfound fortune.”

The winner joined the long list of Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaires when his ticket (number 2589) in Series 243 was drawn earlier on Tuesday morning in Concourse B, Dubai International Airport.

Rodrigues has become the 117th Indian national to have won USD1 million in the Millennium Millionaire promotion.

On the occasion, the Finest Surprise Draw was also conducted directly after the Millennium Millionaire. In the draw, Mohammad Rizwan, a Pakistani national living in Dubai, was declared the winner of a Ducati Superbike 959.

The latest Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire and Finest Surprise draw was conducted by Dubai Duty Free officials, headed by Colm McLoughlin, executive vice-chairman and CEO; Bernard Creed, senior vice-president for finance; and Sean Staunton, senior vice-president for retail sales.