King Charles Coronation 2023: British royals over the years

King Charles III wears the crown and takes the royal sceptre at the Westminster Abbey today, and he leaves the church in full royal regalia, with Queen Camilla (formerly Queen Consort) by his side. No one in the world can, perhaps, forget the queen who would have been — the late Princess Diana — during this ceremony. The late Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned for more than 69 years, is also going to be on everyone’s mind. This series of photos shows the British royal family during various stages of their lives.

Queen Elizabeth II with Charles, then Prince of Wales, with Diana, Princess of Wales. Photo courtesy: Instagram/lady.diana_
The famous portrait taken by Cecil Beaton of Queen Elizabeth II on her coronation day in June 1953. Photo courtesy: Instagram/coronation2023
A photograph of Charles, Prince of Wales, taken in the Wren Library of Trinity College in October 1967. Picture courtesy: Instagram/cambridgeuniversity
Princess Diana, ever the queen of hearts. Picture courtesy: Instagram/lady.diana._
Queen Elizabeth II in her state dress and robe at the Westminster Abbey in 2012. Picture courtesy: Instagram/westminsterabbeylondon
Queen Elizabeth II at the Balmoral Palace just before appointing Liz Truss the UK Prime Minister on September 6, 2022. The Queen died on September 8, 2022. Picture courtesy: Instagram/coronation2023
King Charles in November 2022, celebrating his first birthday as the British monarch. Picture courtesy: Instagram/coronation2023
King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla (now Queen Camilla) at the Easter ceremony of distributing Maundy money in April. Picture courtesy: Instagram/coronation2023
William, the present Prince of Wales, and Kate, Princess of Wales, visit a pub in Soho, London, to see how it is preparing for the coronation. Picture courtesy: Instagram/theroyalfamily