Kangana Ranaut takes on different guises in ‘Simran’ teaser released today

In an age where teasers require their own teasers, a Youtube single shot for the Kangana Ranaut-starrer Simran promised that the teaser for the film would be released today and can be seen below.

Kangana Ranaut plays a 30-year-old Gujarati NRI divorcee in the film, and the teaser is focused almost exclusively on her role. She can be seen working, dancing, jumping on a bed and trying on a variety of wigs, hats and sunglasses in order to disguise herself. There’s also a scene where she seems to be confronting a bank teller in a hoodie and shades, which lends credibility to the rumour that the film is reportedly based on the life of Sandeep Kaur, an NRI nurse in the US who was imprisoned last year for bank robbery.

She has also put on her writer’s hat and penned some of the script for the film. Kangana told Mid-day, "When Hansal (Mehta) came to me with the script of Simran, I was intrigued. It was essentially a dark, gritty crime thriller. Together we sat down and tweaked the script to make it a slice-of-life comedy. It is gracious of them to credit me as a writer for the film."

Speaking about Kangana, director Hansal Mehta said, “We live in a democratic country and I see it as a collaborative effort. Kangana is a thinking actor and she has collaborated with us very closely on Simran. The film has shaped up really well."

Simran, billed successively as a family drama, a courtroom saga and a comedic heist flick, is set to be released on September 15, while the first look was posted on Facebook yesterday.

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