Journey through the wonders of Buddhist monuments with Apsaras Arts’ Añjasa live stream

Apsaras Arts is bringing its well-loved 2015 production Añjasa: Unravel the Wonders of Buddhist Monuments to SISTIC Live Stream end of this month, from 12pm on July 23 to 2pm on July 27. 

Referring to “the path” in Pali, Añjasa explores the beauty of Buddhist temple architectures. It brings the audience on a journey to experience the wonders of Buddhist monuments, which it unravels through the expressions and movements of classical dance style, Bharatanatyam.

Photo courtesy: Apsaras Arts
Photo courtesy: Apsaras Arts

This dance production features company dancers from Apsaras Arts and a unique musical orchestra with music composed by an array of Singaporean artistes including Aravinth Kumarasamy who composed the score which comprised both classical Indian and Chinese instruments including the Er Hu, Yang Qin. 

This thematic dance presentation will also speak about the Buddhist emperors, Asoka and Jayavarman VII who were iconic in the spread of Buddhism across Asia.

Añjasa premiered in Singapore in January 2015 at Victoria Theatre. Since then it has toured to London, Liverpool, Manchester, Bangalore, Chennai, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney.  

In the lead-up to the show, Apsaras Arts has organised an art challenge to engage the dance audience to create an artwork based on monuments featured in Añjasa. Details below: