Job vacancies for PMETs in Singapore rose from 39% to 48% in 2016: MOM report

Around 48 per cent of job vacancies in Singapore in the year 2016 were for professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs), informed the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

According to the Job Vacancies 2016 report, the share of job openings from 39% (or 24,300) in 2013 rose to 48% (or 25,800) in 2016 reflects the restructuring of the economy and workforce. The increase in PMET vacancies was mainly from financial & insurance services, professional services, and information & communications.

The report showed that the top PMET job openings in 2016 include teaching & training professionals, management executives, software, web & multimedia developers, registered nurses and enrolled/assistant nurses.

Women working in office
The top PMET job openings in 2016 include teaching professionals, management executives, web & multimedia developers etc.

"The share of PMET vacancies in recent years has risen. It is expected to continue to rise as the economy restructures in tandem with the improving skills and education profile of the workforce," MOM said.

At the same time, there was a decline in non-PMET vacancies mainly in accommodation and food services, construction, wholesale and retail trade and manufacturing, the ministry claimed.

Among non-PMET occupations, the highest vacancies were for service and sales workers (11,840), followed by cleaners, labourers and related workers (6,540), clerical support workers (3,160), plant and machine operators and assemblers (2,970) and craftsmen and related trade workers (1,910).

Across sectors, the non-PMET vacancies were mainly in accommodation & food services, administrative & support services and wholesale & retail trade, which typically had lower staff retention, the report showed.

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