Is it safe to travel to Istanbul? Tips for a trip to Turkey

Turkey hides one of the most intriguing tourist attractions in Europe. Thousands of people visit its cities and fall in love with them. Despite the efforts made by the government to make Istanbul one of the safest cities in the country, many people may recoil or question the security provided in Istanbul.

Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs assures Turkey is a safe country and shares recommendations to consider preparing for the trip.
Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs assures Turkey is a safe country and shares recommendations to consider preparing for the trip. Photo courtesy: Canva

Is it dangerous to travel to Istanbul?

We can assuredly say that traveling to this city is very safe as traveling to any other major city in Europe.

As a matter of fact, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs assures that Turkey is a safe country and shares recommendations to consider preparing for the trip.

Pay attention to the agglomerations

They advise paying attention to places with large crowds and avoiding crowded places. In general, the city has been rated as a medium-risk area. However, considering the precautions you will see throughout this post and with good travel insurance, you will be able to enjoy all the charms of Istanbul without problems.

Avoid the borders with Syria, Iraq, and Armenia

The Ministry also recommends not to travel to the border regions with Syria, Iraq, and Armenia due to conflicts against terrorist groups. On the other hand, it is advised to maintain maximum caution and vigilance when traveling in Turkey.

Always keep yourself informed

It is important to make sure that traveling to Istanbul is safe. Therefore, you keep updated on the evolution of possible events in reliable media.

In the case of seismic risk

Turkey is in an area of seismic activity, so to ensure that travel to Istanbul is safe, you should know the guidelines to follow in case of seismic movement.

If you are in an indoor area, you should stay away from windows and any furniture that could fall. Instead, take shelter under a table or a solid piece of furniture to prevent debris and other objects from falling on you.

If you are outdoors, go to an area clear of buildings, trees, or electrical installations and wait for the seismic movements to cease.

COVID-19: Is it safe to travel to Istanbul during the pandemic?

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the way we travel has changed dramatically. Therefore, before visiting any country, we always recommend checking what measures it has taken and its requirements.

Turkey's restrictions in the COVID-19 table are as follows:

  • Fully vaccinated persons must show a vaccination document issued by the country's official authorities certifying that they have been vaccinated at least 14 days before entry into Turkey, have suffered from the disease, and have been cured within the last 6 months.
  • In that case, they will be exempted from quarantine and from presenting a negative COVID-19 test result.
  • COVID-19 testing will be required in the following cases. All passengers who have been in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Pakistan, South Africa, India, Nepal, or Sri Lanka within the last 14 days must have a negative PCR COVID-19 test result performed 72 hours before departure.

However, these measures may continue to change, so we recommend that you frequently check for any new updates that may be implemented.

Also, don't forget to take out travel insurance with comprehensive coverage to cover the possible unforeseen events caused by the COVID-19 health crisis.

Other information about Turkey tourism

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All unvaccinated travelers must present a negative COVID-19 test three days before departure. You will not need to go through quarantine if you have proof of all the required vaccinations.

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