Interfaith Leadership Award: Indian-American philanthropist Frank Islam honoured

Indian-American entrepreneur and philanthropist Frank Islam has been honoured at the Interfaith Leadership Award for his contributions in the field of arts and higher education and support of interfaith dialogue.

Born in Uttar Pradesh, India, Frank Islam urged people to continue fighting for the soul of the nation.

The event that took place over the weekend in Washington was attended by whos-who of the social circuit. "Americans of all faiths and background need to come together and redouble our efforts to reject hate and bigotry in all forms. We must continue to fight for a fairer and stronger America. We are stronger together. And, together, we can help shape a better future," said Frank while addressing the gathering at the award ceremony.

He also mentioned that the Interfaith dialogue was made more difficult in this presidential election due to the comments of a candidate that separated people by religion, race and national origin.

Born in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Frank Islam urged people to keep struggling and continue fighting for the soul of the nation.

Senator Ben Cardin who was also present at the ceremony said that Frank has been a strong supporter of causes that promote religious freedom and interfaith dialogue and cooperation.