India’s Mayar Group sets its eyes on Singapore’s health and beauty market

“Singapore is definitely a leading market for health and beauty businesses. The strict standards of government licensing by regulatory body in Singapore drives the quality up,” said Abhit Sud, Executive Chairman of Global Wellness Holdings (GWH).

“The regulations make sure that most of the players follow certain standards and deliver good services to customers. This is why we chose Singapore,” he added.

Photo courtesy: Uber-Aesthetics
Abhit Sud, Executive Chairman of Global Wellness Holding. Photo courtesy: Uber-Aesthetics

GWH operates under the Mayar Group, which is an Indian multinational and multi-product conglomerate. Sud currently heads the Group’s Health and Wellness and Real Estate businesses. Established in 1948 by his grandfather Amar Nath Sud, Mayar Group now has major presence in New Zealand, Hong Kong Myanmar, Africa, USA and Europe.

GWH announced the grand opening of their new Uber-Aesthetic Clinic on March 31, 2017. The clinic was located at myVillage in the quaint Serangoon Gardens district, and is the company’s second outlet.

The opening of the new clinic reflects the firm plans of GWH to expand its operations and cater to the growing demands for specialised aesthetic and beauty enhancement treatments in Singapore.

“The vision of Uber-Aesthetics, is to deliver medical grade services in a safe and luxurious environment,” according to Sud.

Photo courtesy: Uber-Aesthetics
Dr Kwon Han Jin, Globally renowned aesthetic dermatologist and surgeon and Mr Abhit Sud at the Opening of Uber-Aesthetic's new clinic at myVillage in Serangoon Gardens. Photo courtesy: Uber-Aesthetics

GWH also has plans to launch five more clinics in Singapore in the next 18 months. “We are looking into setting up a flagship outlet along Orchard Road in the next few months. With a strong Orchard Road presence, we will be able to focus more on the medical tourism sector,” he said.

The outlet at Orchard Road will be a master clinic, with larger facilities. The location is also easily accessible for tourists.

From Hong Kong to Singapore

GWH has its regional headquarters in Hong Kong. But in the recent years, the company has been focusing and investing a lot more in the Singapore market.

Photo courtesy: Uber-Aesthetics
Photo courtesy: Uber-Aesthetics

“When we set up our base in Hong Kong in 1991, that was more than 25 years back. At that time, Hong Kong was a much bigger economy and far more ahead of Singapore in terms of banking facilities, financial services and other sectors. The city suited us more back then,” explained Sud.

Mayar Group has already set up a family office here in Singapore. Besides health and beauty, the Group’s shipping business is also established. “As we move forward, Singapore would definitely play a very big role for the future growth plans for Mayar.”

A united technology platform to offer health and beauty choices to customers

With so many brands under the GWH umbrella, the company is also looking into the development of a technology platform, on which GWH customers will have access to many multiple brands under one common tech platform.

Photo courtesy: Uber-Aesthetics
Photo courtesy: Uber-Aesthetics

“Currently for health and beauty services, you are stuck to one brand once you have committed to it. There are no programmes or customer privileges whereby customers can try out the different technologies offered by various brands,” explained Sud.

“We already have nine beauty brands and we are in the process of acquiring more and doing strategic tests with other brands. In the near future, customers of the Global Wellness Alliance will be able to access all of them through a single technology platform.”

The company intends to place its focus on Singapore and Malaysia first, and then expanding it regionally.