Soulful singing will always triumph over technology: Javed Ali

If you think Javed Ali's voice is mesmerising on record, just wait till you hear it in person. 

The melodious singer of Bollyhood returns to Singapore after seven years to sing at the Esplanade Concert Hall on Saturday, May 25. Collaborating with 'Queen of Sufi' Harshdeep Kaur, the duo will bring you a beautiful night of soulful Sufi songs. 

Born and brought up in Delhi, Javed started singing at his early age, learning from his father Ustad Hamid Hussian. Over the years, he grew with his craft, relentlessly experimenting and reinventing himself to remain a fresh and relevant voice in the music industry.

Talented Javed sings in 16 different Indian languages for various films and leading actors. Moving forward, he hopes to spread his knowledge and things that he has learnt over the years to the younger generations of singers. 

Watch our candid interview with Javed Ali on his musical journey and his thoughts on performing for Indians outside of India: