Indians in US feel the need to contribute to the country they’ve migrated to: Mukesh Aghi

​Analysing the growing involvement of Indians in the US political arena, Dr Mukesh Aghi in an exclusive interview to Connected to India said, “Indians are the most affluent minority group in the US and they feel the need to contribute to the country which they have migrated to. One aspect of this is political participation.” 

Dr Aghi is the president and Chief Executive Officer of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, a bilateral and non-partisan trade association created to develop and sustain political and economic Indo-US ties. He works extensively with business and government leaders in the US and India to promote bilateral trade and diplomatic relations. 

“Indians seemed to be leaning towards the Republican Party in recent times, with 30 per cent of eligible Indian-Americans voting for the GOP in the last election; up from 20 per cent in the previous polls,” added Dr Aghi. 

You can watch our exclusive interview with Dr Aghi here where he talks about the growing India-US bilateral trade, complementary relations between the two largest democracies and political activation among Indian Americans.