Indian Women’s Association Bazaar: The happiest bazaar in town

The atmosphere was electric at the Indian Women’s Association (IWA) Bazaar held on Tuesday, April 30, at the Suntec Convention Centre. 

In fact, it looked less like a bazaar and more like a party. 

Upon entering the hall, all we saw were rows and rows of exquisite sarees and dresses, tables covered with various intricate jewellery, and happy smiling faces that greeted each other like old friends. In between all the buzz and excitement, one caught whiff of samosas, chaats and chai in the air. 

Featuring 90 organisations this year, the IWA bazaar was a delight to all five senses. But looking at the massive scale of the event, there is no doubt that putting it together was no easy feat. 

Connected to India speaks to the team behind the IWA Bazaar to find out more IWA and the Bazaar itself.