Indian-origin UK driver gets 6 years in jail for racing in traffic and killing British Sikh woman

A 26-year-old Indian-origin man named Arjun Dosanjh has been jailed in the United Kingdom for six years, after his conviction for causing death by dangerous driving.

UK convicts Arjun Dosanjh and Jacek Wiatrowski
UK convicts Arjun Dosanjh and Jacek Wiatrowski. Handout photo courtesy: West Midlands Police

Arjun Dosanjh and his 51-year-old co-accused Jacek Wiatrowski were racing each other in traffic. Their dangerous competition led to a collision with Surinder Kaur, 81, who was coming home from her local gurudwara in West Midlands. The accident occurred in November 2022.

Dosanjh and Wiatrowski received identical sentences — six years in prison and a driving ban for eight years. The sentence was given by the Wolverhampton Crown Court this week.

According to a BBC report, Dosanjh was in a Mini and Wiatrowski was in a BMW when they pulled up next to each other at a traffic light. Then they decided to race each other, heedless of the danger they posed to pedestrians.

The court heard that both vehicles were travelling at high speeds, significantly exceeding the speed limit. CCTV footage showed Wiatrowski heavily braking as he spotted Kaur crossing the road; he narrowly missed her, but caused Dosanjh to swerve on the wrong side of the road, hitting Kaur.

“Mrs Kaur was on her way back from her local gurudwara, the journey she made every day, and was killed during her daily routine,” said Detective Sergeant Chris Ridge from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit of the West Midlands Police.

“She was devoted to her faith and family, and my thoughts are with her loved ones who have been deeply affected by her death. Wiatrowski and Dosanjh did not know each other and were driving competitively — this dangerous and foolish action cost a life. The sentence imposed will never fill the void left in Mrs Kaur’s family, and I extend my heartfelt condolences to them,” he said.

Statement from family of victim

In a victim statement read out to the court, Kaur’s family said: “Our mum lived a very simple life. She was a deeply religious woman, and on the day of the accident, she was on her way home from the gurudwara. The days and weeks after mum’s death were really tough; as well as trying to come to terms with our loss, we had to deal with an ongoing police investigation.”

The police urged motorists to prioritise road safety, as their actions can make a significant difference in preventing accidents.